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Below are some quick examples of what Orchestra Tuning looks like. Please keep in mind these videos don’t reflect the look and feel we’d be going for, but gives you an idea of how the orchestra works together to create harmony.

Apologies for the low audio levels on the video below!

Below are some examples of what an orchestra tuning sounds like, and what it could sound like with custom scoring. Every orchestra tuning session is fairly different, and below is just one of those examples, so there’s a lot of possibility regarding instrumentation and mixing to emit specific colors and tones.

Here’s an example of how we could transform that tuning sound into something really beautiful, hopeful, and inspiring. This isn’t really the mood/tone we’d be going for, as it’s from a movie soundtrack, but it gives you an idea of structure and texture. Notice how the woodwinds and strings are weaved throughout the track, we think this would be super interesting in exploring how we can transition from section to section.